7 Benefits of Project-based Business Travel

Manufacturing, real estate, professional service, and construction sector are all typically industry that requires a lot of project-based business travel, which is tremendously different from a normal short-term business trip. It can be much more than just attending a conference or getting work done somewhere else.

Project-based travel involves every aspect of things, which often represents a complex situation and a serious challenge. Basically, it tends to make you tired and overwrought — both physically and emotionally, but it can also be interesting and inspiring. At all events, if you handle it properly, you will gain a lot from it, and here are some benefits of project-based business travel.

1. A job requires a lot of project-based business travel usually make good money.

No matter what industry you are in, construction, manufacturing, real estate, technical activities, it’s usually high-paid if requires frequent project-based business travel. This is very reasonable. A construction manager, or a civil engineer, who is giving up the comforts of home in order to oversee the process of a new wind farm, oil field, residential building, as well as bridge, and ensure the project is completed on schedule, they have every reason to get more pay. As a matter of fact, even the construction workers tend to earn higher salaries than their locally based counterparts.

2. Breaks monotony of daily activities.

Working 9 to 5 and spending a whole day in a cubicle can be monotonous, business travel is certainly the best way to take a break from the humdrum and sedentary life. It can help to keep things interesting. An industry survey published by GBTA found that high-proportioned project-based business trips take place in suburbs, rural areas, which means more opportunities to enjoy the picturesque wilderness and towering mountain compared to traditional business trips.

Although the primary purpose of travel is work and business, you are still likely to see a whole beautiful vista from lofty heights after a strenuous climb, enjoy the breeze at sea after going through the ship bumpy, or come close to a pure, quiet and beauteous lake, as long as they are near your projects or on the way to it. In any case, for the stereotypical office routines, it’s a very good change of pace.

3. Broadens your horizons.

Project-based business travel will give you a completely different perspective. During the travel from the city where your company is located to a remote project site, you will have a lot of opportunities to meet different people, see spectacular view, and enjoy exotic places near your project site.

The harder and more remote your project is, the better your chances of encountering novelty. When you need a local villager to lead you in an out-of-the-way area, he will also tell you some local anecdotes; You might even find an uncharted island when going to an offshore wind farm. Apart from those, a project usually involved many participants from different cultures. Your interaction with them provides an opportunity to learn how to integrate and cooperate, which you cannot get in the local city. You will probably have a series of new knowledge and ideas full of mind when you return from a long term project-based business travel.

4. Enhances your adaptive skills and tolerance for uncertainty.

The situation you face during project-based business travel can be complex and volatile. You may board a plane at a grandiose airport in a big city, just like in Hollywood movies, or you may pass through a small airport, which is old enough to make you worry about security. Your flight may be canceled or delayed, or your vehicle broke down while driving in the wild and you need to fix it yourself. You may be arranged to stay in an upscale hotel and sometimes have to live in a very old small hotel with poor hygiene near the project. Also, the construction crew of the project construction may be some grumpy guys.

In short, all these unexpected troubles force you to learn new skills and solve problems, your brain can’t rely on what it already knows. Spending time in an alien environment can also expand your creativity and open you up to more possibilities. And in the end, you will become an ingenious and adaptable person.

5. More passport stamps and Incredible mile.

The expenditure on project-based business travel, which is mainly for lodging and air transportation, are significantly higher than that on other business trips. Since the project is spread all over the country and abroad, consequently you are able to earn lots of personal miles during your business trips. Suppose travel to projects in other countries, you can start racking up passport entry and exit stamps galore. You could even say that you can see the whole world without paying for it yourself.

6. Makes your life memorable.

It is wonderful to soak up and record your business travel experiences, and make those stories to tell. It’s like you can build a strong bond between work and life. You can also save memories of every trip by creating photo albums or sharing photos in social media.

7. On-site experience will help you become a top expert.

The last and most important point is that on-site experience will help you become a real dab hand effectively. The project site is the forefront of manufacturing, real estate, professional services, and construction industry. What you get from the site is not available to those office staffs.

Furthermore, the situation is always multifaceted and complex on the project site, you have to step outside your comfort zone and force yourself to address these challenges by adopting many concrete and pragmatic approaches.

Finally, the plentiful on-site experience will improve your skill, enhance your mental muscle and make you a better understanding of the outside world. You will have an absolute advantage over those who just do some back-office work.

At last, if you are looking for a new career opportunity, it’s easy to prove that you can create value for a new company and make a good impression on hiring managers due to your great experience.

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