Hi everyone! I’m Eric Shi. Welcome to abouttraveler.com!

As an engineer in the wind power industry, I’ve flown about 140,000 km and driven 20,000 km in the past seven years, which is four times the length of the earth’s equator. It’s really an amazing achievement. I love my job, but I’ve experienced some troubles and challenges brought by frequent and long-term business trips, such as how to achieve better work-life balance, as well as safety, health, hygiene, work efficiency, and other problems during business trips. After solving these problems through my own efforts and accumulating extensive experience, I think I should share these with you, so I set up this website.

Now, If you travel a lot, especially because of project-based work, such as the construction of the wind farm, oil field, railway, bridge, etc, this blog is for you. Furthermore, I’m eager to create a rendezvous for you, who can exchange and share ideas.


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