Safety & Protection

1. Hiker Hunger Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles

The use of alpenstock can not only slow down the consumption of physical strength, but also, (which is also neglected by many people), it improves the safety dramatically when climbing mountains. On some rough or smooth roads, it will greatly reduce the possibility of your falling down. This is crucial because even a minor fall could ruin your entire journey. If you have back or knee problems, the alpenstock are even more indispensable. The key factors in choosing a alpenstock are portability, firmness, flexibility and easy control. Hiker Hunger Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles is a very suitable choice.

With a super lightweight (7.6 Ounces, i.e. 215 grams, Each), it’s easy to take along. Poles are collapsible and extendedable from 24 inches (ca. 60.9 cm) up to 54 inches (ca. 137 cm). The grips with proper hardness, are made of ergonomic cork for long-lasting comfort on hard hikes. When not in use, these are easy to collapse and small enough to pack in Carry Bag (free bag included in purchase) and can be stored within your backpack. Can separate each section to be only 21 inches to fit in a suitcase.

2. Addalock Portable Travel Door Lock

The security of a five-star hotel may not be too much of a problem in the downtown district. But sometimes you might stay in a hotel in a city where you don’t know much about security, the door chain lock or swing bar lock is broken, and the hotel service is so bad that you can’t get a new room, then you’ll have a scary night. In this case you will definitely need an Addalock Portable Travel Door Lock to keep you safe.

The greatest advantages of this door lock are ease of use, high safety and good portability. It fits well on different kinds of doors, and can be installed in seconds without any tools. The Addalock Travel Lock also is great if you are staying at an Airbnb or any other short term rental. There is no doubt that it can make you have a good sleep.