4 solutions for Hygiene Problems of Hotel

You may have noticed that hotel hygiene is always a problem if you’re a frequent traveler. In addition to your own horrific experiences, there are new undercover videos on social media that expose hotel hygiene problems almost every few months. The problems exposed mainly include the use of dirty towels or bath towels by hotel cleaners to wipe off utensils, sinks, and toilets, and the reuse of disposable coasters. Inconceivably many famous five-star and luxury hotels are also involved, which is really frustrating. Knowing what to do and how to deal with these situations is imperative. Here are some useful solutions for the hygiene problem of hotel during your business trip.

1. Bring your own wash supplies.

For those project-based business travelers, there is a probability of staying at a hotel in a small town close to the project. Don’t believe in the hygiene standards of hotel toiletries, especially some low-end hotels. The sanitation standard of the hotel supplies market may not be as high as you think, so you can’t expect the hygienic condition of these supplies before packaging. In addition, hotels always have the urge to reduce costs, therefore toothbrushes, soaps, and towels are of poor quality and have a high probability of reuse, and it’s requisite to use your own ones (packing them in a Toiletry Bag). However, it should be noted that the quality of toiletries in high-end chain hotels is much better than that in low-end ones because of the unified purchase by the group, and it is acceptable to use them.

2. Taking along your own sleeping bags, pajamas.

The unwashed or improperly cleaned sheets will have a strong irritation to the skin sometimes, and insect infestations such as bed bugs can also be a problem in some areas, so never sleep naked, wear your own pajamas or bathrobe. If you’re on a long business trip that can take more than three days, you need to use a sleeping bag. If you don’t have any pajamas or sleeping bags due to hasty schedule, try to sleep in your clothes. Take a shower after getting up the next day.

3. Bring your own thermos.

The sanitation of the glasses in the hotel is also not credible, because you don’t know how the staff cleans it. You must bring your own thermos. It is necessary for you to stay hydrated at any time. The small-capacity thermos is easy to carry and is a good choice, and it should be placed in the special bag of the backpack during the trip. If you put it casually with other items in the main bag, the surface of the cup is likely to be scratched by a key or charger.

4. Check for hot water.

Hot water in a five-star hotel may not be too much of a problem. However, if it’s a low-end hotel in a small town, check the facilities when you check in. Communicate with the reception and solve it as soon as possible in case of no hot water. It is necessary for health to take more hot baths during business trips. Take along your flip-flops can also be a good idea. Finally, wipe with your own towel after taking the shower.

By doing these things during your business trip, you have solved most of the hygiene problems.
Have you had any bad experiences with hotel hygiene? Do you have any better suggestions to solve these problems? You can share them with everyone in the comments.

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