Ultimate List of Tools & Apps for Business Travelers in 2019

It goes without saying that choosing a handy tool is important for productivity. For a business traveler, especially a project-based one, the requirements for tool are correspondingly significantly different from those of an office clerk due to the variability of scenarios and the complexity of work.

The following is our carefully selected list of tools in 2019, which fully takes into account the needs of travelers in all aspects. They are all based on the author’s personal use and comparative experience, including apps for mobile terminals, software for computer desktops, and some hardware devices.

The list will be updated irregularly throughout the year.

Itinerary Tracking: Tripit

It’s the perfect companion for business travelers. After being authorized, Tripit can scan the user’s mailbox, obtain flight, hotel booking information, and manage them, to help travelers achieve detailed itinerary. You can check it for all your travel details, and get a heads up as things happen throughout your trip. Of course, it can also remind you of the flight time in advance. In a word, Tripit will make your trip much easier.

Hotel Reservation: Booking

Booking is a well-established brand with excellent reputation. With years of service experience, it helps travelers find and book hotels, motels and holiday homes. It’s worth mentioning that Booking app is almost the most highly rated of its kind.

Map & Navigation: Offline Maps & Navigation

Offline Maps & Navigation combines the best of offline and online features to create the ultimate navigation experience. It compacts maps of over 200 countries were specially optimized to take up less space on your phone. You can follow accurate voice directions, avoid traffic jams with the most accurate real-time traffic information, drive in unfamiliar territories easier. This app received a higher rating on the Google Play store than Google maps.

Transit Navigation: Citymapper

Citymapper combines all transport modes in your city to find the fastest route: bus, subway, train, ferry, cab (Uber, Lyft, taxi), car share, bike share and walk, reminds you of delays and disruptions for your transport, follows your trip in real-time with step-by-step directions, including live bus times and the best subway exit to reach the platform. With it, you can travel easily even in a strange city. It’s really an outstanding transport app.

Field Survey: Google Earth

Google Earth is indispensable for a project-based business travel, which will probably take you to a mountain, a lake, or a prairie, if you are engaged in the construction or engineer. You can explore the whole project site from above with satellite imagery and 3D terrain of the whole area. In fact, apart from browsing and exploring functions for fun, Google Earth can also be used as a professional surveying and mapping tool. It features high precision and powerful functions, far exceeding other similar products.

Flight Track: Skyscanner

During the business trip, there are often some unexpected situations, which disturb your plan. Skyscanner can provide you with a whole set of solutions in time according to your adjusted destination and date, including booking the latest air ticket at a favorable price, renting a car and so on.

Travel inspiration: Tripadvisor

Tens of millions of high-quality suggestions and expert comments make your trip perfect. There’s also plenty of traveler reviews and photos, bookable tours and attractions, and recommended restaurants, Tripadvisor is everything you need to inspire yourself and go better. It is worth noting that Tripadvisor is from the same development team as the highly praised Gategutu.

To-do Reminder: Wunderlist

Simple, humanized user interface, and practical design concept make Wunderlist one of the most popular to-do reminder apps. Compared to other similar apps, it’s more applicable to listing trivial matters of daily life (such as shopping, housework, schedule, etc.), that is, non-time-sensitive planning.

Writing: Bear

During the waiting time at the airport, a business traveler will always have improvisational inspiration or a short piece of content to write down. Bear is a beautiful, flexible writing app for crafting notes and prose, at the same time, the best Markdown writing product for mobile. If you have Bear Pro version, you can completely abandon other similar products. It really has almost no negative comment. Unfortunately, it’s currently only applicable to iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

RSS Feed: Feedly

Feedly is by far the most stable RSS product since the death of Google Reader. In an era that content distribution is so prevalent, it’s essential to retain the age-old skills of customizing your information. Of all the products that have tried to follow the banner of Google Reader, Feedly is the last one that has been able to keep updating and evolving.

E-Book Reader: Kindle

Super long battery lifetime, perfect reading experience, massive e-book resources, make Amazon’s Kindle undoubtedly the most popular and best-selling e-reader. Business travelers can take it along, download a lot of books, and catch up on latest novels on the seat of the plane.

Bookmark Manager: Pocket

Pocket can save a number of different types of content from everywhere, like articles, videos and stories from any publication, page or app. If you find something interesting while waiting in line at an airport, but you don’t have enough time to browse, you can save it and finish it after boarding. It even supports offline reading. Download a good article in advance, you can read it without network connectivity.

Finance: Currency Converter

Currency Converter is a quick and free currency converter app, very applicable for international travelers. With multiple currency fields, historic rate charts, and a built-in calculator for convenience, compare prices anywhere while traveling abroad to be sure you’re getting the best deal at today’s rate. Plus, it still works offline for travel when exchange rate data is not available.

Expense Solution: Concur

Concur can greatly facilitate your expense tracking and reimbursement, which are often the biggest headache for business travelers. With this app, you can manage the entire travel and expense process on the road, and you’ll never lose another receipt again when you capture photos of your receipts. It also can import and process your credit card data. Finish expense reports in the airport, and approve invoices on the bus.

Language Tools: Google Translate

Needless to describe the positive buzz and reliability of Google. This app can translate more than one hundred languages into each other, and text in images, as well as voice. Perhaps there’s still a little gap between it and human translation, however, Google translate is more than adequate for the various scenarios of international travel.

Cloud Disk: Dropbox

Synchronizing files before departure and downloading them at any time to continue work on the road, are nothing but Dropbox‘s basic function. In fact, it’s a creative collaboration space designed to reduce busywork. You can work on files with others through shared folders, use the document scanner to turn receipts, whiteboards, and notes into PDFs, comment on files to share feedback with your team. It is no exaggeration to say that Dropbox is a powerful productivity tool for business traveler.

Communication: Skype

You often need to chat with family without the high charges or hold a video meeting with office colleagues when away on business. Skype can help you effectively. The latest version has added HD video calling, live subtitle, screen sharing, and other fantastic features. One big advantage over other similar app is that Skype can be used on almost any device, including phones, tablets, PCs, Macs, even Xbox.

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